A New Kind of Sass

A New Kind of Sass

So here’s the deal. I’ve been horrible at maintaining a blog in the past, and I’m not promising I won’t suck it up this time, too…but I feel like I’m at some big turning points in my life at the moment. Changes like these deserve to be documented, so I’m taking another shot at it.

You’ll notice I’ve removed all past blog entries. The thing is, I’m not the same person who wrote those. I read them and I see traces of my truth in them, but I also see a fake persona put on to try to deflect from who I really was…or wasn’t. I’m still sassy, sarcastic and totally weird, but I’m also more compassionate and maybe just a LITTLE less self-deprecating. Working on that one. I don’t think we should take ourselves too seriously, but there’s a chance I just haven’t taken myself seriously enough in the past.

So what’s to come? I dunno. That’s the exciting/scary/fascinating/potentially way boring part of this whole thing. I hate to be all deep and say I’m finding myself (hello, I see you, I know right where you are!), but I’m at least figuring out what the hell I’m doing here.

Part of my journey is taking me to the biggest challenge of my life – my first Ironman in Louisville this October. And while that’s HUGE, I have a feeling even bigger things are waiting for me along the way. I’ve already started to discover things in me I never knew existed before…like an inner 80 year old woman who loves to be in bed by 8:30. So while training and racing will surely be top of mind a lot, I find long sessions allow plenty of time for thinking, so brace yourself for a metric buttload of randomness along the way.

To add to the fun, in the last few years, my depression and anxiety have reached peak levels, and I’ve become more introverted than ever. I don’t know how those things will change and affect me along the way, but I’ll tell you one thing – it makes everything harder, and some of this shit is hard enough already. And I think it’s more important than ever to TALK about these things, be honest about how they impact my life and how I try to cope. So while I never want to be a downer, I know there are going to be days where it’s hard to see the bright side. And you know what? That’s okay, that’s what this blog is meant for: to be an outlet for me as well as a look inside my own insanity for anyone interested in taking the ride.

But don’t worry. I still love memes and will leave you now with some smiles to get you through another Monday. Next up? A race recap from my first tri of the season, with plenty of pee, poop, swearing and smiling.

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  1. Luv luv luv this…you are an inspiration to me! I love following you and what you are up too!! Thanks for sharing

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