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21DSD Day 8 – Where did last week go??

As I’ve mentioned, I started my second round of the 21-Day Sugar Detox last Monday, this time using the handy dandy book I reviewed as the guide. I’ve been crazy busy with work, Spinning, cooking and family stuff and haven’t had a chance to write about it yet, but I want to document a few things, so here goes.

Warning: If you don’t like poop talk, skip this next paragraph. Then you’re safe, I promise. Maybe.

One of the biggest issues I had the first time I did the detox was some crazy poo action. Like, loud/funny/still gross poo action. But this time around, the only shift I’ve noticed is that my digestive system has gone into stealth mode. As in, I no longer use the ‘no poop zone’ bathrooms at work because I never know when a little poo is gonna pop out. Half the time I go pee, I have no idea my body has more planned. It’s just like, oh hey, here’s some poop again. This is totally what it’s like.

Here’s what I’m doing differently this time. First, I’m not relying as much on the athlete modification, so sweet potatoes aren’t a regular inclusion in my day. I suspect these suckers are potentially an issue with my digestive system, and specifically, I suspect it’s because I don’t peel my sweet taters. The few times I have had them were in organic baby food form, sans skins, and I had no issues, so I’m excited that my experiences have helped me find a trigger for a stomach issue I have from time to time.

Another thing I’m doing differently is not relying so heavily on nuts as a snack. I have almonds in my morning smoothie a lot of mornings, and I snacked on pistachios once, but I try to use cucumbers and leftovers as my snacks. That said, I leave tomorrow afternoon for a work trip, so pistachios will be in my bag in case I get hungry. I’m not avoiding nuts – I just think I depended on them too much last round, and didn’t eat as many vegetables as I should have, which I’m trying to improve.

The biggest change this time around is my prep work. Sundays have been devoted to shopping and cooking things to have on hand to make mornings easier, and I ensure every dinner will have leftovers to get me through at least one more meal. This has been key to how easy the first week went. Even on my work trip last week, I had snacks in my bag and only felt deprived when everyone else was enjoying a glass of wine while I sipped water. But it’s only 3 weeks and the lack of booze is a HUGE help in my sleep patterns.

I make huge batches of breakfast foods (crustless quiche with spinach and bacon last week, egg muffins with brussels sprouts, spinach, roasted garlic and bacon this week, and turkey sausage and coconut flour biscuits for breakfast sammies both weeks) – this keeps me on track on busy mornings and even fills in gaps for lunch when I’m at a loss.  I also make this moo-less chocolate mousse from the 21DSD book (made with a green-tipped banana, avocado, unsweetened cocoa powder, almond milk and vanilla extract) that is perfect for when I have an evening treat craving. It’s rare, but I love having this on hand to keep me on track.

In terms of energy, I definitely felt a lot of fatigue days 3-6. I taught Spin on day 2 with no issue, but day 3 was an evening class and I was just wiped from the day and struggled through the class. I traveled on day 4 but successfully avoided screw ups, then day 5 was tough. I had zero energy, and I know it was a combo of post-travel weariness and detox fatigue. My workout that night was good but I definitely needed more recoup time between rounds than usual.

I got through a 4-mile run on day 6 without much trouble, but I really wanted 5 or 6 miles. I just knew at mile 4 that my energy was waning and I didn’t want to push too hard when I had a whole day of family time ahead of me. I took a rest day yesterday, but only because the noon Spin class I was going to sub for was cancelled. Probably for the best, as it freed me up for a family lunch I didn’t want to miss and I got to spend some time with my biodad, which was really nice.

Sunday nights are something I look forward to each week, when Mr. T, Lady T and I gather to nom, drink and watch the Walking Dead. I was excited to get to make dinner and tried a recipe I’d never had before – mashed parsnips with bacon, shallots and green onions. I got the basis of the recipe from the 21DSD book, but added grass fred butter to help it mash up to a better side dish consistency (in the book, it’s used as a filling for chicken rolls). I was sad to miss out on our usual drinks, but poured some plain kombucha in a wine glass and all was well. Dinner was a hit – the parsnips were unexpectedly delicious (I’ve never purposely eaten a parsnip before), and we had grass fed beef burger patties with uncured, smoked bacon and roasted brussels sprouts. Super yummy. I’m not kidding when I say I eat more delicious food now than I ever have – and I’m on a detox! The meal was good for all involved, and I’m the only one detoxing, so I think that’s a sign of how great the food is that you can enjoy without added sweeteners and fruits.

As for today, I feel pretty good so far. Sleep has been wonderful – falling asleep and staying asleep! Magic! It’s day 8, the start of the second week, and my only apprehension is the travel I have tomorrow afternoon through Wednesday evening. I’ve boiled some eggs and have some snacks I can take in a small cooler, but we have client dinner, client breakfast and client lunch in that time, plus another lunch out on our way down (road trip, so no airplane stress!!!), so I’m just hoping I can stay properly fed. I feel pretty confident, but I’ll still be glad when the trip is over and I’m done traveling for a bit.

I also have a wedding reception this weekend, which will suck just a little in terms of not being able to enjoy cocktail hour, but we’ll be with friends, so I’m not too concerned. I also have a 5K Saturday morning, so I don’t have to worry too terribly much about missing a workout on this trip, too.

All in all, I’m seeing much more success this time around. I’m down a few pounds, but I don’t do this for weight loss, so that’s just an added bonus. I’m really hoping to discover a few new recipes to add to our regular rotation (ohmyglob, I made this amazing pan-fried chicken with almond and coconut flour breading that was TO DIE FOR last week), including ingredients we don’t usually use, and to find new snacking alternatives, so I think I’m hitting those goals pretty well.

Second breakfast is finally wearing off and I’m hungry for more food, so I’m off to the kitchen to reheat a burger patty and snag some leftover salad. Yum!

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