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Oooh, a quickie!

I started a post a few weeks ago to explain where I’ve been mentally and emotionally, but it got deep and a little dark, and I opted to just keep it to myself while I dug out of the dark hole I was hiding in for a bit.

Thanks to support from friends and loved ones, I’m feeling better and more like my normal self. And even better, I emerged on the other side of the shadows with a plan. Well, at least with a vision for plan. A plan to make a plan. Yep, I’m planning to make a plan to get where I want to be – which is happy, healthy and 100% me. So that’s a thing I’m working on.

In addition to that, I’m really excited to be getting a version of the wedding I always wanted…if you’ve been with me here since the beginning, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, well, there’s documentation of the frustrations our wedding brought all over this blog. Aside from the insanity of planning a wedding I didn’t really want (I wanted to elope), I was dealing with the loss of one of the most important people in my life, Grandma V…then on my wedding day, 5 1/2 months after Grandma V passed, Grandma D died. The morning of the wedding. It’s been beyond difficult to happily celebrate our wedding anniversary in the shadows of such a sad event. Each anniversary, just like our honeymoon, have been a dichotomy of emotion for the last 5 years – but this year, we’re fixing that. We’re making a new date to celebrate, with no drama and no sadness. Just love and joy and a celebration of surviving the hardest years of our lives together – years we weren’t sure we’d survive together. One long paragraph can’t really do justice to how important this is, but suffice it to say that I’m thrilled to be renewing our vows in Jamaica and enjoying a second honeymoon we both truly deserve. A fresh start awaits, and I couldn’t be happier. As long as I find my passport, but that’s a whole other post…

And then one more thing (smaller but still important to me) happened this morning that made me happy. I was selected to receive and review a free copy of the print version of the 21-Day Sugar Detox that I did in June/July. The author is expanding her online program to a full print book with more recipes and insights, and I was going to buy the book anyway, but now I get a free copy to try out and review. HOORAY!!! This makes me beyond excited. I’ll need the detox again when we get back from Jamaica, so everything is just working out perfectly. And yes, I recognize that being excited to not eat sugar for 3 weeks might sound a bit odd, but after my mixed results last time due to training and my own screw-ups, I’m really pumped to try it again in my off season…

…which leads to my final proclamation for this post. And it’s a doozy. I have decided that 2014 is absolutely my year to complete a Half Ironman. I’ve never been in better shape, and it will only get better from here, so…game on. 70.3, here I come.

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  1. Deluxe Yours Truly Says:

    Sarah, good on you for digging yourself out of the hole (boy, do I know all about that) and charging into a life you and Tim are going to enjoy on your very own terms. My happiness for you is all the greater because things over in DYT land have taken a sudden turn for the spectacular too, so I know just how great it feels to be out of the shit and enjoying life again! Best, Joe

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