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*Tap tap* Is this thing on?

Can you hear me, blogosphere? I know, it’s been incredibly quiet around here for a while. Lots going on, and in an attempt to not be so negative, I’ve avoided posting much.

But I miss blogging. A lot. Will you have me back?

I’m assuming you said yes. So, thanks! Here’s a quick recap of my life lately to get current, and we can go from there. Ease our way back in.

  • Running: Nonexistent. I developed a really severe case of plantar fasciitis about a month and half after the half marathon (which went REALLY well, by the way – definitely a PR, and I beat my goal of 2:45…lay off, I’m a slow runner). I ran the half, then a 5K and 2 10Ks in the following weekends, which in hindsight was far too much. Then Teresa and I jumped back into training for a full marathon, but when we reached 14 miles, I was experiencing so much pain that it was a nightmare. Each run left me practically crippled with pain for days after, and I finally caved and went to a foot specialist. I was in a really fancy boot for a while, and am now in tennis shoes every day with custom orthotic inserts. Still having pain, still not released for impact activities.
  • Triathlon training: Also on hold. I would like to be at least bike and swim training, but I was rear ended the Friday before last and am still recovering from a bad case of whiplash. Once I can turn my head fully, I intend to return to the pool and bike in full force. Looking forward to it!
  • Weight loss: That should read weight gain. Barf. I’ve gained back quite a bit of weight due to the injury, long work hours and me not even attempting to control what goes in my mouth. I’m really anxious to get back on the fit train, so I joined Weight Watchers officially for the first time. Now I just need to get out of work on time to get to meetings.
  • Work: As mentioned, hours have been insane. I can’t believe I’ve been here for over a year now! I love it so much. The long hours can be stressful, and the projects can be frustrating (whose aren’t??), but the people are incredible and make every day at least a little fun. I’ve even been PROMOTED! Woohoo all around. This part of my life really couldn’t get much better.
  • Miscellaneous: Teddy is still an absolute doll and the cat is still a jackass. I also recently won a bet with Mr. T and won the right to shave the cat. Once the weather gets nice, that little fuzzy asshole better watch out.

Well, that is probably a really crappy recap, but it is what it is. Don’t worry, there are good things to look forward to, including a full rant about my recent car accident (which is totally bizarre-o), a tribute to unicorns and, of course, lots of self-deprecating humor. But for now, enjoy these excellent finds from the good ol’ interwebs.



I have had lots of those days lately

How can you beat this?

Messed up.

Talk to you soon!

2 Responses to “*Tap tap* Is this thing on?”

  1. Jessica T Says:

    So glad you’re back!

  2. sarah h. Says:

    yayayayay! i thought your blog had disappeared for forever! sorry to hear about the injuries, but glad you’re getting back on the fit train. i need to join you!! congrats on the promotion too chica!

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