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CelebReality? Eye roll + rant.

posted on Monday, May 8th, 2012 under General Ramblings |

This happened today on Facebook.

So then I made this happen:

I see her point in general, but for HER to make this statement is mind blowing. Yes, the media needs to tone back its focus on the female form and focus more on the true accomplishments of women. According to government studies, women are still paid less than men holding the same position. I’ve seen a few sources cite that a cause of ┬áthis is that women have fewer years of experience since they take time off for motherhood – so what does that mean for women who choose not to have children? We are held to a standard that doesn’t apply. We also pay more for health insurance during key childbearing years, so again, those women who make the choice to not procreate cannot affect the standard to which we are held and for which we pay.

But that’s not really the point of my rant today. I’m just blown away by the audacity of this woman who has made MILLIONS promoting her own unrealistic body image to then want to turn around and claim injury from the media focusing on her weight. I say good for the media for attempting to show that being so thin seems unhealthy and unrealistic. In a world obsessed with appearance, especially an appearance so unattainable for those with fulltime jobs that don’t include hours at the gym each day, I am glad to hear the media critique someone rationally.

It’s not like the media reported on a speech by the First Lady at a charitable event and chose to focus the report on her weight.

Newsflash, Bethenny – you promote SkinnyGirl. You developed SkinnyGirl. You are SkinnyGirl. It is laughable that you expect people not to judge your skinniness. Get over it.

Shove a vegan cheeseburger in your face (see? I’m promoting healthy eating!) and then we’ll talk about real issues concerning women in media.