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Look! It’s whatsherface! She’s alive!

posted on Monday, May 27th, 2010 under General Ramblings |

Suffice it to say that things have been a bit insane lately. Work has been so busy and I’ve practically lived at the office the last little while, but that’s okay. The hours may be tiring, but the end result is always worth it. Definitely couldn’t say that before. I’ve never seen so much talent in one building before, it’s kinda mind blowing.

The bad part of that, though, is that I have been completely off my game when it comes to eating and working out. Which is super bad news, considering that my 50 mile walk is 9 days away. Yowza. The lovely TPing completed my 20 mile adventure with me a couple of weeks ago, and that was NOT easy. I have even more respect for her completing that marathon now. I don’t know how I would have done 6.2 miles more with how I felt when we finally hit 20. And even more awful is that the route changed – day one is now 18.5 miles and day two is 21. WHY???? Why add a mile to the worst day of the whole event? That seems mean. I’m a bit freaked out about this thing. More because my activity level has been horrid lately. I need to recommit and make the best out of the next 9 days.

But anyway. That’s what’s up in my world, and when I have a few more minutes, I’ll tell you a fun little story about last weekend. It involves my first experience with beer pong and competitive flippy cup, a deck railing, porch steps and cheese fries.

Until then, enjoy some of the funny I’ve had in my life lately:

How else do you think he's gonna catch a fish?

Behold the joy of a child.


If I were Spiderman...