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WOW!! I did it!

posted on Monday, September 30th, 2009 under General Ramblings |

I ran 2.04 miles, without stopping, in just under 25 minutes. That may not seem like much to those of you who run regularly, but as this is my second day back in the saddle, I’m way pumped. That’s a 12-minute mile! Not too shabby.

I will say, though, that this was MUCH more difficult than day one. After about the first mile, I was fighting a side and shoulder cramp the rest of the way. I didn’t think I would be able to keep running, but I focused on the music (along with some mental yelling at myself) and made it all the way. When I finished, I was really dizzy (I did sprint the last block) and felt like I had some major heartburn. Can running give you heartburn? That seems odd.

I figure I’ll keep this route all next week and then a quarter mile at a time.

Now back to avoiding shoving my face. Running seems to have made me extremely hungry and I could eat one of everything right about now.


I brought my dog to work…

posted on Monday, September 30th, 2009 under General Ramblings |

…and now he’s as miserable as I am. I took this video with my nano, by the way…it’s fuzzy because I have the wrong case on it and it’s shaky because I suck.

He’s such a good dog. This is about what he does all day. And he’s not really miserable – he’s gotten more attention today than ever!

And in case you’re missing my cat, here’s a picture of him doing what he does best – getting all up in my shit:

Ass cat.

If I ever can’t work out, you’ll know why. He’s hoarding my DVD! Look at his paw, holding on to it like he owns it. The nerve. And trying to be all cute while he does it. Some cats just have no respect.

Okay, all cats have no respect. I guess I should say no cats have respect, but I like my way better. It’s more impactful. So shut it, inner grammar whore. You lose.

You can’t make fun of me!

posted on Monday, September 29th, 2009 under General Ramblings |

Well, you can, but not because I didn’t run last night! I ran. Oh, yes. I ran.

Using WalkJogRun, I routed my run last night and discovered that I completed 1.84 miles last night. I ran 1.5 of that. The rest was warm-up and cool-down. It took about 25 minutes, so obviously I’m a slow-ass runner. After I was done running, I went inside and did a Total Gym resistance workout. I’d say aiming for a 5K next month would be completely possible, if I can just find a way to work one into my schedule.

This morning, I feel pretty darn good. My knees aren’t killing me (which is good, because I let a friend borrow one of my knee stabilizers and couldn’t find my other one, so I just had an Ace elastic knee support on my left knee and nothing on my right – the right being the one I’ve had surgery on and the left being the one that still needs surgery).

It’s nice to think back to my marathon training and remember all the things I need to do. Strike heel to toe. Keep your shoulders relaxed and make sure you shake your arms out every now and then to keep from getting tense. Keep your back straight, especially when running up and down hills (and fuck our neighborhood – we have a lot more hills than I realized). Breathe in through your nose and out through your  mouth (I have a hard time with this, but when I start getting tired or out of breath, I just focus on counting to four, in through the nose, out through the mouth – it helps settle me back down). Also, to help keep from getting too tense, pretend you are holding a potato chip between your thumb and one finger. Unfortunately, I still got a shoulder cramp. Oh, I hate those. I always get one in my right shoulder, right on top. Runners, chime in. Why is that? Is that normal, or is it maybe a lingering side effect from separating my shoulder in high school?

I puffy heart the SassyPod. I don’t know how reliable the pedometer is, as it didn’t read anything when I just carried it around the house, but it’s nice to have that function available. And the one thing my dumb ass forgot to read about before taking off was how to adjust volume. Seriously, I have never owned an Apple product before in my life, so I was clueless when it came to turning the damn thing up…so I dealt with it and just ran (now I know you just use the wheel). I think I’m so excited about the music I’ve loaded that the running is just something that happens while I’m rocking out.

Keep the music suggestions coming. I’ve got tons of Black-Eyed Peas (just need the new album) and No Doubt/Gwen Stefani, some Fergie, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, CMX, Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Nelly, Natasha Bedingfield, Daft Punk, Kings of Leon, Lady GaGa (but I need more of her stuff), Garbage, Eminem, Ciara, Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, some hip-hop/pop singles (Daddy Yankee, Chamillionaire, Chingy, Akon, M.I.A., Kanye, Beyonce, Duffy, Katy Perry, Lily Allen, the Ting-Tings, Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, Pitbull) and lots of other techno music and old-school rap. Oh, and Tom Jones’s “It’s Not Unusual” – I enjoy a good chuckle when I’m on the run. Hehe.

I love having this stuff all together and on shuffle – I never know what’s coming next and I highly enjoy going from Beyonce to Linkin Park to Daft Punk. It’s all got such great energy, even though it’s so different. The variety REALLY helps keep me going. I’m going to map out a 2-mile run and a 3-mile run and see where I get over the next few weeks.

So, in addition to more music suggestions and thoughts on my shoulder cramps, I’m asking for comments once again to help me out. Since I’m just starting back in, should I only run every other day and mix in my workout DVDs on non-running days? Or do I need to take days off completely? I’d really rather not do that…man, I feel so great today. I’m so proud of myself and impressed with how my first run went and so glad that I don’t feel broken down today. Yay, me! Oh, and this morning the scale was down two pounds from yesterday, so I feel like the tracking is really going to help for next week’s weigh-in. Woot, woot!

Oh, and if anyone has a 4th generation nano and would like a clear acrylic case for it, I have one. I didn’t notice that the VideoShell case I bought was 4th gen, not 5th and it so doesn’t fit. Let me know if you want it and it’s yours.

The good, the bad and the fatty

posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009 under General Ramblings |

I’m in a weird mood and haven’t posted in forever, so here’s some explosive mental diarrhea for ya.

The good…First, I fit into a size 10 jeans this weekend and bought a size small shirt. Granted the jeans run a bit bigger, so that’s why a 10 fit, but I’m not letting that steal my thunder!

Also, I am a proud new iPod owner – I’m finally in the super awesome “I own an Apple product” club. I even have stickers to prove it. My mom bought me the 8GB pink nano and it’s just so adorable. She gave it to me early – three weeks before my bday – because she knew I wanted to start running and my old MP3 player bit the dust. And because I’m a spoiled brat, Mr. T took me yesterday to buy some accessories for the SassyPod. I got a pink armband so I can run in style, a clear acrylic case so my clumsy ass doesn’t break the damn thing (okay, I got it because it was free with a $15 iTunes gift card) and the audio cord I need to hook that baby up to my box.

I’ve been ripping music since about 1:00 yesterday…I brought my laptop from home, so I’ve gotten just about jack shit accomplished at work today. After our morning meeting, that’s about all I’m motivated to do anyway…which I would normally say is very unlike me, but given the last year, it’s become my status quo. Sad.

Which brings me to the bad. I found out for sure today that the job I really wanted isn’t going to come through. They changed up what they were hiring for, but told me they think I’m really talented and will keep me in mind when a new position becomes available. Sure. This market sucks, so I’m glad to be employed, but I’d rather have the swine flu than come to work here every single goddamned day.

And I’m feeling like a fatty today. No, not, “I wish I could smoke a blunt right now.” I feel like a jar of marshmallow fluff. I could sure eat one. I’ve been SO hungry lately. We desperately need to go grocery shopping so I can stock up on fruits and veggies (okay, more fruits than veggies…I just don’t like very many veggies!). I have been keeping up with my workouts, but I’m still up 1.5 pounds. Ick. Need to keep losing, not gaining! All of T’s friends have noticed that I’ve lost a lot of weight and it’s really nice to hear that, so I hope that’s motivation to keep going. I’m just in a weird limbo with the whole thing right now. I really need to get my eating back on track. I think because I’ve been lax, my body is starting to go nuts with cravings and I need to nip that in the bud now.

I was hoping to run a 5K in October, but after checking my schedule, I don’t think I can, so I’m aiming for November now. That would give me time to do the full C25K program the right way, although I am hoping that I’ve gotten in shape enough that I could speed it up a bit. I mean, 5K is only 3.1 miles…not easy for a non-runner, but as I was doing 4-5 miles every other day when I was in marathon training, I would hope I could get to the 3 mile point fairly easily. Okay, I’m actually just trying to talk myself into the whole running thing again – I know it’s not going to be easy. I AM MAKING MYSELF RUN TONIGHT. If I don’t, you must all heckle me mercilessly when I post about my failure tomorrow. Seriously. Point at me and laugh.

But that brings me to a request. I am trying to assemble a bunch of fun music for my running playlist. Pretty please comment and give me a list of songs that pump you up and keep you going. I have $11.43 left on my iTunes gift card and it’s burning a hole in my virtual pocket. Oh, and I don’t do country, Miley or JoBros…


I’ll pass on Dollywood

posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 under General Ramblings, Gushy stuff |

T and I went on a little pre-anniversary getaway last week. We weren’t sure where we were going until very early Friday morning…seriously, we booked our private cabin just before 1 AM the Friday before Labor Day. We left on Saturday to head to Sevierville, TN…stopping at every winery we could find on the way. This little journey started with us bringing 7 bottles of wine (which we already thought was a tad excessive) and ended with us buying TWENTY more bottles. Yes, twenty. Our wine racks overfloweth.

Anyway, we knew we were destined for an adorable private cabin (called An Awesome Time, so our expectations were high) in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains…we had no clue that our destination was the Branson of Tennessee. Dollywood, Dixie Stampede, all those retarded country comedy shows and at least 75 pancake places (I really don’t think that’s much of an exaggeration). All we wanted was a romantic retreat with some hiking, horseback riding and shopping in a cute little town…which Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are definitely not. However, Gatlinburg is a bigger version of what the Strip used to be in the Ozarks, so we at least got to do lots of walking (just no buying…I don’t need airbrushed t-shirts, airsoft guns or a TN license plate with my name on it, thank you very much).

However, the cabin was amazing. Serious luxury in my book. The cabin was decorated better than my entire stinkin’ house. See for yourself:

The living room, complete with our own pool table and Ms. Pacman table game system…

The kitchen and dining area:

The bedroom and our private heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub (cheesey, but so cute…we never used it because the water is so heavily treated with sulfur that it smelled awful):

The super adorable bathroom:

The cute back deck, complete with the highlight of the entire trip, our private hot tub. Can you say heaven???:

Yeah, I didn’t need to leave very much. The cabin was so wonderful. The king-sized bed was incredibly comfortable, T had plenty of stuff to stay entertained while I read and hello…we had our own freaking hot tub. And I’ll tell you something, after our hike on Monday, we were even happier to have that damn thing. Our muscles didn’t get very sore at all, thanks to Mister Tub.

But about that hike…we scoped out some trails and decided to hike to Rainbow Falls. We love waterfalls, so why not hike to one? Well, we figured that out about an hour in…the trail was marked as strenuous, so I was reallly excited. I love a challenge, I love hiking and we were in the mountains – who wants a lame, easy trail? Not me. I had NO idea what we were getting into. I wish I had pics of T and me from the beginning of the hike, but I don’t (unless you count the candid shot T took of me exiting the freaking portapotty) because T didn’t want to bother anyone at the beginning to take our picture and then I was such a sweaty mess that I didn’t want any documentation.

Yeah, no pictures of us, but I do have this super-awesome shot of a majorly creepy bug that T was enthralled with…*rolls eyes* Sheesh. Where’s the sarcasm font when you need it?

Anyway, the trail was 2.7 miles up the mountain…and they did mean UP. There was maybe 100 yards total of flat ground to cover. The surroundings could not have been any prettier, and all of these shots got us really excited for what awaited us at the top.

It took us 2 hours of nonstop climbing to reach our destination. It was a tough hike, but it was amazing exercise…which is good, because what awaited us was a bit…disappointing.

As T and I both put it to our friends, it was like seeing a guy piss off a cliff. If that was truly why we had hiked so hard for so long, we would have been upset. However, we were in it for the workout and the waterfall was just the bonus. So, you know, not a great bonus, but I definitely burned off the most delicious cheeseburger and mac n cheese that I’ve ever eaten. I’ll take that.

We stopped at the falls to have a much-needed snack. T brought peanuts. As we were heading out, a momma squirrel ran out and we decided to give her a nut. T held one out and she ran right up to him and took it from his hand. Then she proceeded to throw shell everywhere, dig out the peanut, take the skin off and eat just the nut. That’s a pretty crafty critter right there.

Here’s a video clip of her going to town on some nuts (hehe):

If you have the volume on, you can probably hear the stupid fucktard child in the background. He would NOT shut up. We passed him on the way up and made sure to leave before they started down because, well, he is a child and an extra-obnoxious one at that. At one point, T heard him yell at his dad, “Stop taking pictures of me! You already took my picture! This is ME time!” Wowza. What an asshole. But you know, it serves his parents right…he had to learn that shit from somewhere.

Anyway, we headed down the mountain at a pretty fast pace. It took us an hour to get down – half the time it took to get up. We got done just in time – as we ran to our car, the sky just opened up and it poured like crazy.

The next day, we decided to go horseback riding in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (it actually is great, if you couldn’t tell from our hiking pictures). My ass hurt for days after, but it was totally worth it for this moment alone: After we paid for our ride and were waiting to be called, another couple came up to join the group. The cashier lady made the woman and the man weigh in to make sure they were within the limit. No one even mentioned a weight limit to me, much less had me jump on the scale. Do you know how nice that felt? To NOT be the heavy girl? To not be the one people looked at and felt sorry for the horse? It was pretty fantastic.

Here are all the horses waiting to be lined up:

Here’s my horse, Juliette…well, the back of her head, anyway:

And here’s T’s gorgeous horse, Buttermilk:

And here is one of the many gorgeous trail shots I got on the ride (again with the sarcasm…give me a break, I was on a damn horse!):

After the ride, we decided to drive one of the scenic mountain routes in the hopes of seeing a bear. I’m cool with seeing a bear from the car…but when our guide mentioned bears on the horseback ride, that freaked me out a little. Yeah, black bears are small, but they’re still fucking bears. Anyway, we saw one. See?

Hahahaha. Yeah, that’s a bear, but that fucker was fast. Here’s a video clip of him running by the car. I lost him for a while, but then caught him at the very end as he made his final retreat.

The stupid jerks in front of us were hogging all the good bear face time. We let them pass us so they could go faster, and then they get all the good bear action. I object. Dickwads.

We also rode one of those skylift things that takes you up the side of the mountain. Kinda creepy, but we had a nice view. Going up:

At the top:

And going back down:

Aside from that, we ate some good food (see my comment re: the best cheeseburger ever), drank lots of wine, relaxed, enjoyed being together and fell just a little bit more in love, if that’s possible. So, while Dollywood can suck it, I really think we’ll go back sometime. After all, just like our cabin’s name said, we had an awesome time. The cabins are rented through Timber Tops, so if you ever want to visit the Smokies, I highly suggest looking into renting from them.

And after all that excitement, we headed home to get our baby boy. He was so happy to see us, and he was extra clean and fluffy, too.

And seeing as I am leaving for Georgia in about 20 minutes, that’s all I have to say about that!

If you can’t say anything nice…

posted on Monday, September 2nd, 2009 under General Ramblings |