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I admit, you were all correct.

posted on Monday, July 21st, 2009 under General Ramblings |

A coworker/pal of mine is heading out of town tomorrow and I’m cat sitting while she’s out. She only lives a few blocks from me (we carpool, yay for saving the planet!) so it’s not a big deal at all. And they’re cats, so they don’t need a lot of sitting…but she insisted on getting me something for helping, so I let her buy me the 30 Day Shred DVD from Target yesterday. Yes, I finally caved.

And let me tell you, I am SO glad I did. Seriously. That was the best workout I’ve done in weeks. I thought Turbo Jam was an ass-kicker of a video, but I think Jillian has Chalene trumped. I had to modify the pushups (we’ll see if I ever do them the real way) and my arms needed a few seconds of rest here and there, but I had no problems keeping up with the workout. In fact, when I was done, and sweating like Meatloaf at the end of a concert, I thought it wasn’t so bad.

Then I sat down.

Then I tried to stand back up.

That’s when I realized how awesome this DVD is. My legs were jelly for a few hours after I finished. I managed a short walk to the park with Tedders and T, but I was whooped. I can’t wait to go home and do it again! I have a feeling I won’t be quite so excited after a few days, or after I bump up to the next level, but for now, I’m pretty amped. I mean, if 20 minutes can make me feel like that, I might get skinny yet!

Now on to funny cat tales (there’s nothing funny about cattails – they make me itch). I bought Kitty (or The Evil One, as I like to call him) a catnip pouch that’s shaped like a cupcake. Duh, it’s awesome. I didn’t think he was enjoying it until the other night when I walked in to find him laying in the middle of the kitchen with one paw on top of the cupcake. Naturally, I nudged it away from him because I’m a jerk, too. He put his paw right back on top of it. Mr. T came in and said he’s been doing that for a while. Now, that doesn’t really count as playing in my book, but if holding down a cupcake makes Kitters feel like tough stuff, I can deal with that. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute.

And then last night, he remembered that he has toys. I had them set on the bottom shelf of our baker’s rack in the kitchen, and he knocked down one of the practice golf balls and started to play soccer. That may not seem like big news to anyone else, but it’s very rare for my cat to do anything but sleep, give me the evil eye, jump on my bladder and meow all damn night. To see him play was highly entertaining. The fact that our house is all hardwood floor makes it even funnier because he tends to slide into doors and walls when he really gets going. He doesn’t get hurt, so it just makes me laugh. And after all that excitement, he actually jumped on the bed and cuddled with ME instead of Mr. T. I guess I’ll keep the little fucker after all.

Oh, and the highlight of my day? I got to hold, cuddle and kiss an 8-week-old pug puppy. Swoon! This isn’t him, but he looked just like this:


If that doesn’t make you babble in incomprehensible baby talk, you probably don’t have a soul.

I’m totally gay for Hermione.

posted on Monday, July 15th, 2009 under General Ramblings, Things that piss me off |

Warning…as most of you didn’t go to the midnight screening, I suggest not reading this post until you’ve seen The Half-Blood Prince. If you continue reading, you cannot be angry with me for what I write because you have been fairly warned.


Seriously, not one ounce of bitching.


I mean it. I’ll give you a mad wedgie.


I’m getting pretty buff. I could probably take you.


This is your last chance. There is no turning back from here.


Okay, so I secured a space in line at 8:40 last night – 3 hours and 19 minutes before the movie started. There were only a handful of people in front of me, and most of them were going to a different auditorium, so it was cool. I had so much anxiety about going in alone, but I didn’t want to wait and end up further back in the line. I know, it’s not a big deal to be the 30th person in line, but I’m very particular about where I sit in a theater (middle middle, yo) and I wasn’t going to let this night be ruined by mediocre seats.

So my mom, sister, her friend Heather and my BFF Ms. B all arrive and we sit. I brought games, so we played Disney Princess Uno. Entertaining enough to pass some time. What was even more entertaining, however, was the eye-feast of people watching. Yes, I was wearing my Gryffindor tshirt, but that was nothing compared to some of the shit I saw. I guess I don’t get dressing up like characters to watch a movie. I mean, the actors CAN’T SEE YOU. They don’t know you’re dressed up. And you kinda look like a moron. I supported the themed scarves and ties (just cute), but the annoying kid in line next to me in full HP costuming, who did charades the whole time, was more than I could take. I mean, there was a girl who was MAYBE 16 wearing a slutty Hermione costume. Whore. And even worse? The people who dressed up in costumes that in no way reflected the HP design. I said at one point, “Hmm, I don’t remember the evil hooker scene in the book…” I think that girl was going for the Bellatrix look, but she accomplished something more along the lines of Emo Tinkerbell…

The homemade tshirts were interesting, too. Most had horrid spelling or grammar mistakes that made me want to punch the wearers in the spleen, but one stood out and I give mad props to the girl wearing it. It said, “Edward – Avada Kedavra. – Harry”. Freaking brilliant.

A couple hours later, they begin letting lines into their respective auditoriums. At this point, the peeps in front of us start screaming some chick’s name and said chick runs up with 4 other miscreant middle schoolers and they proceed to join the group in line. Oh.Hell.No. We’ve been standing here for HOURS, and you just got here and think you can cut? Not with my group. We’re very vocal. When Ms.B’s yelling didn’t work, my sister grabbed an usher and the jumpers were escorted to the back of the line. Don’t fuck with us. We may be adults, but this midnight premeire shit is serious. I also reminded a 10 year old girl that, though she was sitting on our side of the divider at the moment, she was not getting in front of us. She tried to stare me down. Yeah, like you’re gonna win that one. I’m not mature enough to refrain from taunting children. She stepped off, though, so I didn’t have to kick her parents in the shins.

So we get seated about an hour before the show starts, and time just slowed down. I felt like the last hour was a decade. But then the previews started. No New Moon, which is what I figured, but then I read today that some showings will have that preview, so I hope I see it on one of my returning visits. I digress.


And in case you need another warning, the real spoilers start here.


Stop reading if you don’t want to know more or haven’t read the books.


I’m not kidding.


Okay. We get through the trailers and the opening credits begin. That’s when I almost committed murder. Some fucking ass nut from the back of the theater stands up and yells, “Spoiler alert! Dumbledore dies!” Um, fuck you, you fucking fucktard. My mom and sister, who have been waiting for over three hours to see this movie with me, have not read the books and had no clue about Dumbledore. He ruined the movie before it even began. He is so lucky no one could identify him, because I would have at least had him thrown out.

So I was seriously pissed when the first scene began, which didn’t help because the first scene is a complete departure from the book. Not really a big deal, but since I was already aggravated, I cussed at the screen a little bit. I quickly got over it, though. I didn’t love the first chapter in the book about the ministers anyway, and I think this was a good cut and helped show how the wizard war was spilling over into the Muggle world.

I noticed quickly how well the humor was done in this film. For such a dark book, the screen adaptation did a fantastic job of balancing funny and serious – and Rupert Grint is going to have a long career, given his knack for comedy. I really liked how they ramped up the connection between Ginny and Harry, and Hermione and Ron. It added a nice depth to the whole film and made Ron’s relationship with Lavender even more laughable (and frustrating).

I also really appreciated how many of the scene directly mirrored the book, or had just minor changes. The one scene that came from left field was the Death Eaters’ attack on the Burrow. I understand what the scene accomplished and I liked it, but it was a huge surprise.

I was disappointed by the lack of emphasis on Fenrir Greyback. The guy playing him was so perfect – so creepy – and I wanted more of that story to come out. I also missed the Tonks-Lupin drama and the Fleur-Bill storyline. The wedding is such a great part of the last book and I don’t see how it can be incorporated at this point. Even if it is in the film, it won’t be the same because the final battle didn’t involved anyone but the Death Eaters, Dumbledore and Harry. There were no Order members injured, and Fenrir did not attack Bill, so he won’t be scarred (again, unless they make it a tiny aside).

One thing that REALLY bothered me was the deletion of the funeral at the end. It seemed to take away from the tragic death of one of the most beloved characters in the series. Granted, I never liked the new actor (Michael Gambon) playing Dumbledore as much as the original (Richard Harris), so I didn’t have the bond with his character in the movies like I did in the books, but it was still desperately sad and his character deserved to have the funeral scene. Perhaps they are planning on opening the first of the final two movies on this scene? If they do that AND delete the wedding, it’s going to be a very depressing start.

Another thing this film did well was creep me the hell out. When Katie got cursed, I had chills. It was such a frightening thing to watch. When Hagrid, Slughonr and Harry were in front of the dead Aragog, I couldn’t look at the screen – that fucking spider was insanely disturbing. And the scene with the Inferi? Intense. Suffice it to say I screamed and got laughed at by 6 year olds and the gay squad sitting in front of us (who, by the way, entertained the shit out of us during the hour leading up to the movie – loved them). It was like a herd of Gollum-but-creepier creatures. Not at all what I envisioned, but far more scary than my brain would let me imagine.

One more thing that really bothers me about the movies in general – Snape is far too likeable. Not saying that you feel warm fuzzies about him, but he has funny moments and he’s not nearly evil enough to Harry in my opinion. Not even at the end did I hate him the way I did in the book. I think I tend to have a much stronger reaction to the books in general, but I still think Snape’s character ever quite generated the animosity on screen that he did on the page. Alan Rickman is insanely talented, so I’m not implying he can’t act…I just think the character wasn’t adapted to the big screen as well as he could have been.

Overall, I loved this movie. It was such an intense experience. If you’re a reader of the books and have a vested interest in the series, it is undoubtedly a very emotional experience. I think it was an amazing representation of an incredible book. I can’t wait to see it again and again, although I should buy stock in Kleenex. I had to try so hard not to bawl like a baby at the end. There was a lot of sniffling in the theater when the credits began to roll. Even the 50 year old dude next to me wiped his eyes at one point. Awesome.

Oh, and I am SO glad Quidditch was included this time. It’s so exciting to watch! And I love Luna. She’s too great. Okay, I’m forcing myself to stop. I could go on forever, but I do have work to get done today.

And seriously. Hermione is hot.



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Cue Lion King music.

Okay, so I still have more than 8 hours to go, but I can hardly wait to see Harry Potter tonight. I’m seriously amped. And highly caffienated and slightly barfy…too much coffee on an empty stomach. I’m all hopped up on Mountain Dew! I will come at you like a spider monkey!

Bad part, I have a last-minute vball game tonight so it’s possible I’ll be a bit fresh. Good part, I don’t really give a rat’s ass and I have body spray and a change of clothes (back into the Gryffindor shirt, which is TOO BIG!!!!).

It’s peanut butter Harry time!

Haha, you’ll have that song in your head the rest of the night. You are welcome!

And yes, I do own this tshirt.

My knees will thank me

posted on Monday, July 13th, 2009 under General Ramblings |

I mentioned my quest for gym flooring before, and this weekend my quest ended. I am now the proud owner of 144 sq ft of 20mm interlocking anti-fatigue foam flooring. It cost me a pretty penny (around $260, and that was with 20% off), but I can’t wait to lay it down tonight. Yesterday was devoted to cleaning the basement (I banged dust out of the floorboards, knocked down cobwebs, swept, mopped and made Mr. T kill lots of spiders) and then to filling in the holes in the concrete floor so I won’t end up with holes in my flooring. I hope the mortar is dry when I get home. The TG will soon find its new home, and I’ll be able to do my cardio barefoot again!

My recent cleaning spree has also inspired us to begin doing everything we can afford to fix up the house. That includes buying a $5 can of oops paint to finally cover the bathroom catastrophe. Seriously, our upstairs bathroom (that will someday be ripped out and replaced) had gray walls when we moved in, but a light industrial-type of gray. It did not make me want to bathe there. Since T got to pick our dining room color (a deep orange), I got to pick the bathroom color. We have white bead board around the whole bathroom, so I figured a dark color would be a nice contrast, so I chose a deep purple. Unfortunately, we discovered partway through that the paint was dripping from the condensation in our bathroom when we showered (adding a fan is on our list), so T stopped painting and our bathroom has been in disarray ever since. Not for much longer, though! We found a nice light green to use, so Mr. T just needs to bust out his painting tools and get to it! Hehe.

Last week, I received the 10 Minute Trainer series I ordered (I paid extra for the deluxe version), and was sorely disappointed on Friday when I realized that my house is not set up to provide the space I need to use the program correctly. The cardio portion, anyway, which is what I need the most help with overall. So I suppose I’ll be returning that (I had to fight with a very pushy lady in India to get my RA# this morning). There goes my dream of getting cardio over in ten minutes. Really, it kicked my butt, but once I get used to the movement, the program won’t be effective since I can’t use the resistance belt hookup (I need a door that locks to hook myself to – who has a locking door that opens to a wide open place where you can run in circles while tethered with resistance bands???). Boo.

Mr. T said he was going to stop reading my blog because I talk about poo so much. Whatever, he was totally singing “Poop there it is” with me last night. He just doesn’t understand my fascination with the whole process because he goes 2-3 times A DAY. Seriously. I don’t even know how that’s physically possible. I’d be thrilled beyond belief with once a day. Oh, and if any of you take soluble fiber chews, DO NOT buy the Target store brand. It’s disgusting. I’m not sure I’ll be able to choke down this whole bottle. Fiber Choice wasn’t delicious, but it was gourmet dessert compared to this crap. It’s like choking down strawberry-flavored cardboard tablets. Ick. Stay away.

Well, I’m off to order more pizzas. And to get even more excited about the midnight release of HP tomorrow night. As if that were possible. Note to self: Wash your Gryffindor shirt tonight.



And just because I almost peed my pants when I saw this…

This shit is bananas…

posted on Monday, July 9th, 2009 under General Ramblings |

I was really hoping Gwen would do some solo stuff last night, but I understand why she didn’t. Regardless, the Paramore/No Doubt show totally rocked my socks off. The fact that I’m still in a good mood from it really says something, especially since my personal bubble was invaded by a family with 6 kids under the age of 8 (seated in the 3 feet of open space behind me – the dad has his feet practically up my ass, definitely on my blanket) and four obese people (seated in the 3 feet of open space to my left – one of them hardly fit, much less four, thus them actually sitting on my blanket). I ended up sandwiching myself between Red and her sisters and my sister and her friend. That worked out well – I can handle people I know and like in my bubble. The rest make me very angry and stabby. Anyway, the concert was totally bananas and I loved every second of it once Paramore came on stage…the pre-band sucked major giraffe balls.

Anywhoodles, if you ever get the chance to see either band live, do it. And if you have half the personal space issues that I do, get real seats, not lawn seats. I’m officially done with the lawn. At least with real seats, there are clearly defined boundaries.

I was going to ramble for a bit about how frustrating these last 10 pounds have been to lose, but then I woke up to discover I’m only a half pound from my first major goal. And really, the loss had to slow down at some point, especially now that I’m developing more muscle. Plus, the other night, my husband looked up at me and said, “Baby, you look HOT!” Which was funny because I was wearing my Kip the Kangaroo Shirt Tales shirt at the time. Hey, if 80s toon tees do it for him, that’s just good news for me. Hehe.

I think I’m 2 pounds heavier than I was at my wedding (I lost about 5 pounds in the week leading up to it from barfing everything I ate out of stress and nerves), and I can tell the my muscle tone is better now than it was then, so I’m quite happy with that progress. The Total Gym was hands-down the best purchase I’ve made in recent history. Thanks, Chuck Norris! I really feel like a changed person. It’s easier than it ever has been to eat decently. I say decently because, although I stay within my Points, I don’t always eat the RIGHT foods. I’m just using the Points as a limit on what I eat, and since it’s worked so well, I’m just going with it. I’m motivated to keep losing, I’m excited to see where I’ll end up…it’s a huge difference as compared to any other time I’ve half-assedly attempted to lose weight.

Another good thing (knock on wood) – I have maintained the boobage. That makes me very happy. It’s the most attractive fat I’ve got and I’d like to keep as much as possible!

More good news – I’ve had 3 mini-poos in the last 36 hours. I think doubling my chewable fiber might actually be working. Woot!!!! Here’s hoping that continues. Mini-poo is waaaaaay better than no poo. The sad part? When I go, I’ve started singing in my head, “Poop, there it is! Poop, there it is! Shockalocka shockalocka shocka poop!” It’s a fun song. You should try it the next time you drop some kids off at the pool.

On another note, I’ve got some cards in play at the moment that could use some extra good vibes, so if you have any, please send them my way. I can’t talk about it too much at the moment, but if things pan out, this could be the one final change I need to make my life as perfect as it possibly could be at any given point.

For now, I’ll leave you with visuals that validate why I’d totally go les for Gwen…images from No Doubt’s official website…


Seriously, 39 with 2 kids.

Loved this jacket.

Second outfit of the night

Gotta love the drummer.


Time flies like butter

posted on Monday, July 6th, 2009 under General Ramblings |

Hmm, it’s been a while, huh? Whoops. Things have been a bit crazy. And my uterus has been aching. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for not being a better blogger.

First, an update on my progress with being less fat…I am down to 192, which is seven pounds less than my last post about fatness, but zero pounds less than last Monday. Boo. That’s only 26.5 down overall - I am anxious to hit the 30 pound mark and the last ten are proving to be real fuckers. I wish everything came off as easily as the first 20! Okay, not that the first 20 were a walk in the park (okay, sometimes it literally was), but they came off pretty fast and now things have slowed WAAAAAAY down. I knew that would happen, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve been really good with my food, and better with my exercise, so I have a feeling I just need to amp up my cardio. Ick. I can Total Gym all freaking night, but my knees don’t like it when I go outside. I do have a solution on the way, though…I caved in to my inner infomercial whore and bought the 10 Minute Trainer series. I mean, I always have 10 minutes, right? That should arrive by Friday, and I’m on a new Total Gym schedule, so I’ll post a peek at my workout calendar when I get it figured out.

A quick product rave - Fit ‘n Free Pizza. I’m sure you all know how obsessed I am with pizza. I try to find any and all healthy versions of pizza possible, but none are really that great. I mean, they are tolerable for lunch and they get me through my cravings, but the cheese is always a bit on the plastic side and the sauces are generally a bit sweeter than I usually like. Or they’re just higher in Points than I would like (ahem, SmartOnes pizza bites!). I was scanning one of my favorite WW support websites (Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone - thanks Beckie and Ali!) and saw a link to the Fit ‘n Free Pizza site…my stomach commanded my brain to tell my finger to click, and I read a lot of reviews about the pizza. I figured, what the heck? I’ve tried every other pizza on the planet, what’s one more? So I ordered some, but my expectations weren’t high. I love it when I’m wrong. These are so tasty – the cheese melts wonderfully and doesn’t taste at all like plastic. The sauce isn’t as sweet as other packaged pizzas. The best part? They’re fat free and only 4 points. That’s right, I can eat two of these babies for dinner if I want! But I generally don’t want to because one fills me up pretty well. I just add a little extra garlic salt and Italian seasoning. Yum. I need more!

Another good thing – I cleaned my freaking house. I mean, it was BAD. It took 2 hours just to clear off my kitchen table. That’s how much crap we had piled up. I started after work on Monday while T was out of town and it took 3 evenings (working till midnight) to get the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom and my side of the bedroom clean. The lovely Pamster came over on Wednesday to help me finish up (and help me watch SYTYCD, hehe). I have to say, having a clean house really makes life so much better. I’m saying this now, and it’s in writing – our house will NEVER get that bad again. And if Mr. T doesn’t clean up his half of the bedroom…well, I pity the foo’. But let’s not talk about the spare bedroom or the basement…I’m not ready for those rooms yet!

Now that I’m on track with my weight loss and the house is clean, my new project is to acquire some interlocking gym flooring to put downstairs so I can finally move the TG to its final resting place. Also, it will be better for my joints to work out on insulated foam flooring than it is to work out on a piece of carpet laid over the concrete floor, or on the hardwood floor upstairs. I found what I want, but I can’t really afford it just yet. I think it’ll be at least $120 to cover the area I need, but more like $200 to cover the area I want. However, since we really don’t eat out anymore, I’m finding that I have a little surplus each paycheck to use for debt repayment or savings, so I might just dip into that this one time. Plus, when Kitty decides to yak on my new flooring, it’ll be easy to clean. Fucking asshole cat.

Speaking of assholes…since poo is one of my favorite topics, let’s talk for a minute. I thought I was getting more regular, what with my daily fiber chews and increased veggie intake, but no, not so much. I think that’s why I didn’t lose weight this week. I’m retaining poop. On Friday, I was so frustrated that I took a double dose of vegetable laxative (hey, the bottle just said not to exceed 4 tablets twice a day, so I figured that was okay). On Saturday, I really regretted that decision. So did my butt. That little issue cleared up around 2, so the fourth wasn’t a wash, but I haven’t gone since. I have eaten since, so there’s poo in the factory, but there’s a kink in the system because it won’t come out. I’m really quite sick of this. I eat yogurt pretty regularly (even though I don’t love it), I try to eat green veggies every day (I fail sometimes), I take a fiber supplement and I buy a lot of WW-brand foods because they have more fiber in them as well…but all that doesn’t work. My doctor just said to eat more Raisin Bran…guess I’ll be having cereal for dinner for a while. Oh, and I switched to soy milk, too. Whatever. I really don’t want to do a detox, but maybe I need to? Thoughts, my poo-bearing pals?

I think we’ve covered just about everything…now everyone is all caught up on my mundane existence. However, I’m pretty excited about the next week and a half. This Wednesday is the No Doubt/Paramore show, where I’ll get to hang with some of my favorite peeps, and next Wednesday is the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (which reminds me, I have some re-reading to catch up on). Awesome! And I’ve made a decision – if T can’t get any time off this year for an anniversary trip to somewhereotherthanhereanywherewilldojustgetmeoutofhere, I’m going to take a week of vacation time to start writing my book. I mean, if someone like LC from The retard Hills can write a book and people actually buy it, I’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell, right? Maybe incrementally better than that? I sure hope so…I’m so over this recent celebutard outbreak! Anyway, that’s my plan. I find it quite refreshing to have goals again. Yay for drugs! ;)